in reims

There are many options available to find an accommodation during your studies in France. It can quickly get complicated to figure out what to do.

Don’t panic, we help you to see more clearly and understand all the types of accommodation available to students in Reims.

Be careful !

Be careful of rents that are too low. 

Never send money when you’re not in France.

Do not pay rent or anything else without signing a lease agreement.

Avoid paying rents in advance.

Be careful when checking the inventory of fixtures when entering the flat.

once settled


When you enter a flat the electricity is often cut off. 

To put the meter back into service, you must sign a contract with the energy supplier of your choice: EDF, ENGIE, Direct energie… 

The elements you need to request a meter opening are: 

  • The precise address of the accommodation 
  • The reading of the meter index to be opened (you can ask your landlord for help in finding the right number)


More Info: 

Housing Grant

You can receive a Housing Grant (APL) by registering at the CAF. The amount of money received varies according to certain conditions. But at least the subsidies allow you to reduce housing expenses. Registration at the CAF is optional.

The documents required for the procedure are as follow:

  • Bank account information
  • Proof of address
  • Student card
  • Passport
  • Family register (legally translated into French)

You can register online from the site below: