Study in Reims is a site made by students for students. We wanted to highlight the experience of the international students who have decided to follow courses in Reims. Our goal? To help you fit in the life of Reims, but more importantly to help you live the best experience possible in France!

study in Reims

Our proposition


We give you some advice about administration, housing… all that may seem complicated to deal with when you found yourself alone in a country you don’t know.

Good adresses

When you arrive in a foreign country, you want to go out, discover the local cooking, make new encounters, learn to know the city and its history… We have selected for you some places we like and that we know well, and more importantly, that are affordable for students!


We thought that to ask international students who are already in Reims would be the best possible way to speak to you about the city! And most of all, we wanted to ask them about their ‘path’, from their decision to come to France to their experience here by way of their installation and the choice of their courses.

In one word...

We wanted to meet the students, to hear about their experience. We learned a lot and we also asked them to describe their foster city with one word. Here is Reims in one word, as seen by students from all over the world.

Who are we?

Study in reims: the team


Here’s the story about five student girls in Master Multilingual Management of the Information. One day, they were asked to build up a project: to build an idea around a local initiative, create pages on social networks, build a communication plan, and more importantly, a website. Because we had all known international students who were feeling a bit lost and because we have learned a lot from two of our team members who are coming from the other end of the world, we have decided to launch the ‘Study in Reims’ project!


Origin: Troyes

Favorite place:  Oma Coffee

Passion:  Cooking


French, English, Spanish

One word: Pour moi, Reims c’est des rencontres, de belles expériences et des amitiés précieuses !


Origin: Coulommiers

Favorite place:  Palais des thés

Passion: Photography

Languages :

French, English, German

One wordReims en un mot? Amitiés. 


Origin: Bogotá (Colombia)

Favorite place: Bibliothèque Carnegie

Passion: Music


French, English, Spanish

One word: Nous sommes le résultat des expériences vécues et des  lieux que nous avons parcouru. 


Origin: Grasse

Favorite place:  Shin’zen

Passion:  Reading


French, English, Spanish

One word: On voyage aussi en recontrant des gens ! 

裕美 – HIROMI 

Origin: Okayama (Japan)

Favorite place:  Parc de Champagne

Passion:  Singing


Japanese, French, English

One word: Enjoy life in Reims!


Origin: Reims

One word: Bzz bzz! 

Je vis où je suis
Seize the day
Student in Master PLF
From China.